Monday, March 21, 2011

Why Prepare For Emergencies

Whether or not we choose to believe in God, most of us would admit there are many signs of unusual things going on in the world.
For one thing, the economy is at a crisis point. So much has happened all over the world especially since 911 that should alert us to have our eyes open.
Changes are coming. Be forewarned and prepared. Take the time to plan for your future and that of your loved ones.
While nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, the point I’d like to make is that we should hope for the best and at the same time, plan for the worst.
The world is changing at such a rapid rate. There is chaos and disaster everywhere, but with these also come great opportunities for you and your family. All you need to do is to know where to find and how to take advantage of these openings.
The best investment opportunities are found in times of greatest chaos, which is why it appears the smart money is buying into Japan right now, when most investors are selling.
I am saddened by the recent disaster in Japan. So many lives have been lost and so much damage has occurred. What can I do to help? I can pray for those who have lost their loved ones and I can learn from what has happened. I can also do my part to help those that struggle to rebuild their lives.
That being said, let me repeat, it has been proved throughout history that these are also times of the greatest opportunities.   "For every negative there is a positive"
Not only must you be prepared financially but also consider how our food supplies  will be affected in the coming years.
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My Best
Paul Elliott

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