Wednesday, April 20, 2011

27,000 added to unemployment benefits

In the past year I've had friends and relatives in high paying jobs, succumb to foreclosure, Myself some four years ago received a pink slip due to cut backs, which for me reinforced the fact that working for someone else relinquishes control of your life to a great extent to someone else.
There is and will continue to be a decline in the dollar, gas prices are escalating, food prices are on the rise and if not in your area it will soon be.   The economy is on the verge of being at a point it hasn't been since the 30's and this may very well be the worst economic pit fall we have ever seen not just here in the United states but the world.
So the question is what will be your resolve?
What other signs will you stand waiting for?
What will it take for your call to action?
Will it be a medical bill that devastates your family, your company being down sized, an eviction notice from the bank to vacate your home.
Let your call to action be NOW get the information you need to better make decisions for the future of your loved ones. Protect your future and theirs.  

Educate your self's on your Future

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