Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fall from Grace

It's said that in falling is when we learn to a greater extent and
excel to greater endeavors, truth is yes in falling we do learn the
hard way, and for most we tend not to repeat our mistakes, BUT, do
we really have to fall in order to achieve?

No we don't, enough men, and women have fallen and revealed the truth
to us there by leaving us with their knowledge, and wisdom to teach us
about the realities of life.
As humans we have a tendency to follow those we admire, those we look
up to, Friends, or family members, we admire their life styles,  there
way of life as we see it.  But do we really see it?

In following this trend or path we see the superficial, rather than the
reality, we never see those things that lurk behind the scene.

The point or moral of this is that we should follow our own paths, not the
paths of others yes there are things about those we love and admire that
we can emulate, but chose your path in life and in so doing chose to be
better as opposed to equal to.
As a parent I don't want my sons to be my equal I want them to be better
then, because I want the best for them, their generation and their future,
in asking them or expecting them to be like me I'm asking them to repeat my
mistakes in life.
My eldest son has faced many challenges in his life since he was two years
old, and he continues to do so, and I couldn't  be more proud, for the simple
fact is he never gives up.
My youngest since he was ten or eleven years old he would ask me what was
my record for doing various things in sports during school,
and I would always respond, you haven't  reached it yet, and he would keep
pushing and pushing until he had surpassed those records or goals once held.
At that point during his high school years when I knew he had excelled
beyond that which I  had achieved, I would still say, You haven't reached it yet.  
I may not have been the best Father, but the end result is having two sons, I
couldn't be more proud of.
At the age of 27,or there about , my father gave me as a gift, a book he had
purchased at the age of 35, after receiving that book, I never read past
the title for more than 10 years, I saw it as being no more than a get
rich scheme.

It wasn't unlit I had lost everything I had owned that I began to read,
THINK AND GROW RICH  in addition to this book, were the people that influenced
my life, my  uncle who taught me that if I'm going to do anything,
a mentor, Michael Solomon, who tough me by watching him, not only Business,
but the meaning of giving your Word, simply in a hand shake, The Morris family
that took me as a part of their family, and tough by example to fight for what I
believe if I know it to be true.

I did not choose to follow them, but from each I took something, that I
emulated into my own life, and created a path I am now on,
a path I hope will  impact the lives of millions for the better. 
In Life there can be several mentors but these are those that have solidified
the course of my life, and to whom I'll  be forever grateful.

You don't have to fall to grow, but for those of us who have fallen, and learned
from our mistakes, we've learned the hard way, the sky is the limit.
For those who may not choose to believe, GOD is in the life's of many, Placing
people within our med that will sculpt our characters if only we allow it to be so.
Choose your path in life, and follow with your heart and mind, you'll be surprised
those that will come to you once your path has been chosen, that will aid you
in reaching your goals in life.
Other than the Bible, Think and Grow Rich, is the one Book that has influenced 
my life than any other.

To Your Success

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