Friday, December 23, 2011


I n the days of the great depression many saw their situation as one without hope , they saw turmoil, a country that was falling apart, similar to what we see today, joblessness, poverty,  and many may laugh at the fact that there is a possibility a very strong possibility of seeing high food prices on the shelf's, and no one having the money to buy anything.
The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer, yes this will happen for awhile, simply out of greed, and for a race considered the smartest on the planet, we don't seem to get the picture, what we are facing is repetitious, it's happened before and will continue happening until we get the message.  Have you ever experience things in your life that just seems to keep repeating and wonder why?   It's simple, we haven't  learned,  and until we do, it will keep repeating till we get it, or we destroy our self's .
We live in a Universe that was created with balance, as one may surmise in our food chain, when there is an imbalance nature reacts to that imbalance, to bring things back to order/ balance.
as I've said before, among all animals, creatures, being, we are of the most intelligence at lease we were intended to be but it seems , throughout history we are of the most foolish, with our ignorance, greed,  hate and rage.  you've heard the phrase "why can't we all get along"  Why can't we?   We live a life always trying to be one up on the other rather than working together  for a common good.  One country over the other one religion over the other, with the end result being war.
The great depression has been said to be a blessing in disguise, reducing us to a new starting point in life giving the world a fresh starting point, allowing everyone new and greater opportunities. When your back is against the wall it forces one to think, to create, opening our minds to other possibilities.
So here is the thing, OPEN YOUR MIND, stop holding on to what you have been lead to believe all your life's, we are all intended for growth, to excel, to learn, to change, none of which can happen with a closed mind.  
Everything that is happening around us is happening for a reason, except it , learn from it, explore all the possibilities, and you may  excelling to heights  you may have never though possible.  

Helping you to Build a Better Tomorrow

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