Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life will give you no more than you’ve ask for

Why is it for so many that attend church week after week they never seem to have any great accomplishments in life other than their normal 9 to 5 work week, some may become very involved in the church, yet still never amount to any great financial gain.   Are they being taught that money is the root of all evil, so they choose not to seek wealth?
Yes they know the bible, they can quote the chapters and verses in the bible yet over the years still no change, they believe in God, God who does great things, then why not in their lives?
God is Great God is Good, I’ve always heard, then why? Why not up lift his people, or is that just for special people or maybe just the educated?   Is it that we need to be perfect to receive god's grace ?
If no change is being brought to our lives then why are we going to church?

Now for those who maybe thinking this guy is preaching maybe so but this is as real for non believers’ as it is for believers’ failure lack of knowledge, and lack of faith exist on both side of the door.

Through out life we are constantly being conditioned and often times being conditioned by or parents who were taught by our grand parents and this trend kept on capitulating from one generation to the other, as we grow we say that’s the way my father or mother taught me so we feel that we are right, because they were right.
We are born to different circumstance in life and as so, we adapt to those circumstances for survival wrong or right.  
Now I’m not saying everything we were taught was wrong there are many common sense things such as, basic principals of life.  Back to my point,
In Church we are taught to have faith, but not how to achieve faith, and so many again under that conditioning put a limit on faith, yes faith in God but what about faith in self, and our ability to achieve, again let me state, this hold true weather you’re a member of a church or not, as a Christian I use the church as an example because that is something important or relevant to my life.
There are no limitations that can be place on faith, you either have it or you don’t, with out it we would accomplish very little in life.
Using God as reference once again, the one place where there should be a lot of faith there isn’t (Church) and the reason so many with in the church seem to live a life of mediocrity and excepts it, is because they do not ask they simple except, (excepting the Bible as God’s word is a given, but to the best of my knowledge I don’t remember the bible saying that God dictates every step of our life’s, while he knows each step we take, our path is of our own making.) and I often here, it is Gods will, maybe God doesn’t want that for me, this is where God has lead me, HOW DO YOU KNOW! They did not ask they simple except and every time I here this it makes me bubble. God does not act in our life’s until we ask of him to do so, Things will not change in our life until we take action,  make a plan and take action this is not something we haven’t heard, present it to the universe which for me is GOD ask for what you want, start working towards it the Universe will come to your aid.

The world is full of scams and those who seek to take advantage of  us who are honest.
So those who would choose to be a part of that world of deception and thievery,  keep this in mind, while the Universe will give  to you that which you ask, good or bad,  the present economy serves as a lesson to those who would choose bad or to take advantage of others  less fortunate.
Our present economy in short is the end result of greed, not because of the actions of our President, as many would like us to believe, it all started way before he was even elected and he was not the cause.

The companies that fell due to greed, the Bernie Madoff’s that lived in a lap of luxury at the expense of others now live in a life of seclusion. For those yet to be discovered it is only a matter of time, but for now, trust me they live a life of stress,  looking over their shoulders, and wondering.  They may be living a life of wealth, but not a life with happiness.             

 We were condition in thinking if we belong to certain social classes, work hard go to school then you will have success, and as important as school is to our life’s and success, that statement is not always true.                                                  

 we get married have children, another condition of success we are taught or lead to believe.
What is Success?  As said by the great  Earl Nightingale  success is the progressive  realization of a worthy  ideal. 

What will become your Success?  How will you treat your fellow man in attaining that success?
Start your day out by remembering this one fact, What you do to and for another you do to and for yourself, for as sure as you live and breathe it will come back to you. 

To Your Success
Paul Elliott

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