Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Economic Collapse ?

Of the six greatest fears of man, the one most prominent
is the fear of Poverty.   In the coming year and the years ahead
there will be a great shift in our economy as we know it, and for those
not paying attention be forewarned, it's already started.
Unemployment going into the third week of October  was in excess
of some  500,000 new claims  and the numbers are getting higher,
not to mention  350,000 Foreclosures in July alone.

The outcome for many will  be possible  bankruptcy, and in addition
the creation of two classes of people, the wealthy and those left 
What will make the greatest difference in the outcome  for you and
your families is to be educated  on what's happening and what's to
come, rather than living in FEAR, did I mention, fear is  of the seven
greatest negative and destructive emotions.

NOW that I have given you the negative side of things, PLEASE allow me a
moment to give you the upside of all this.
For every negative that exist, the positive will also exist, but often times,
we become so focused on the negative, we miss the resolve to what
we seek, which is immediately  present.
Do you realize that the greatest wealth has been created in times of
This is evident throughout history, and in coming years will be more
prominent  than any other time in this country's  History.
For me and my family we'll be prepared, and I Now, offer you
what may be your resolve, BUT you must act and do so NOW! 
It's said that opportunity knocks but once a life time, if that be
You Must ACT NOW.  This VIDEO explains.
To Your Success  
Paul Elliott

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